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Dr. Jay Waller

My name is Jay Waller. I am a traumatic brain injury survivor. I found my experience with Dr. Len Travaglione and the rest of the NPRS staff to be extremely important to my recovery. Prior to attending the intensive cognitive rehabilitation program at NPRS, I spent seven years feeling lost due to my injury.
After a year and a half of hard work and training in the NPRS program, I was able to discover the new me. NPRS first had to show me that I had a disability and then that I needed to accept it. They also taught me tools and strategies to help compensate for the deficits I now had.
With everything that I learned at NPRS, I was able to finally go back to graduate school and earn my long awaited doctoral degree. Now, as a physical therapist at the very same long term acute care hospital that retrained me how to walk and talk again, I have found my life’s purpose. Indeed, I still struggle at times, but I have learned how to manage my disability and I owe much of my success to NPRS.

Dr. Jay Waller, PT

(Jay’s road to recovery was recently included in the film Going the Distance to be released in 2015)

Wayne J.

NPRS helped me wake up. Dr. Len and Dr. Joan run a progressive program. The staff really care about us. After many years of not knowing what happened I have come to understand my brain injury and what to do about it. I am a new person and I’m really happy about it.


The staff gave me the tools to cope when things were hard.


NPRS has been very helpful to me and provided me with the tools and knowledge that I needed to get better. Before coming to NPRS I didn’t know or understand the effects of my stroke but now I do and have the knowledge to make my life better. I’ve benefited from all parts of the NPRS program, from cognitive training to group sessions I have learned so much and have made progress in ways I didn’t think possible.


Working in a group setting and learning from my peers and staff at NPRS has been a huge help . The progress I made was real and seemed to sneak up on me. I have been to other facilities for cognitive rehabilitation but they all felt cold and isolating. At NPRS each person is treated with respect and treatment/strategies are tailored to each trainee.


Before I came to NPRS I had a brain injury and I lost my identity. I felt my short term memory and attention was lost and the littlest things that used to be automatic for me were now issues I struggled with. For years I was in a daze. When I joined NPRS I began to get better right away. Every brain injury is different and at NPRS they identify your unique issues. I learned strategies to help me cope and overcome or at least manage my issues on a day to day basis. NPRS is also unique and innovative because we work in group settings. There is a camaraderie at NPRS that is unlike any therapeutic setting. This setting provides you the opportunity to work with others and hear how they have dealt with similar issues. The staff are hands down the best. The knowledge and compassion that they bring to the group is the foundation that makes this group possible. NPRS has changed my life and will do the same for anyone else who is fortunate and willing to go through it.

Dr. Claudia Osborn

Dr. Len Travaglione and Dr. Joan Gold transformed my life. They were the guides that led me out of emotional and intellectual chaos and into a refuge where I could begin to learn how to function in a more productive way.

Len and Joan helped me build a foundation on which I could develop an awareness of the implications of my injury and, with that, begin the mastery of compensatory strategies that led to greater competence and independence.

I learned how to modify some behaviors and polish my interpersonal skills to improve the quality of my relationships.

Most important of all, they helped me accept my traumatic brain injury, so that I could move beyond it.

Gaining an acceptance of my new self allowed me to look forward. I began to take small steps toward growth, and identify new goals and new dreams.  It allowed me to get back on my journey to become a full person.

With the wisdom that comes with distance and experience, I can say that NPRS is an exceptional rehabilitation program.  Dr. Len Travaglione and Dr. Joan Gold are gifted clinicians who have extraordinary empathy, compassion, insight and professional skill.  I am hugely indebted to both of them.

Claudia L. Osborn, DO, FACOI Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine MSU-COM.

Author of Over My Head: A Doctor’s Own Story of Head Injury from the Inside Looking Out.

Over my head